VOIP Having Noticeable Impact on Mobile Network Use

It is not something that surprises us, but may surprise you – VOIP is now starting to impact on Mobile Network behaviour and revenues.

US company MobileSQUARED has released some recent research and has found that messaging from within Apps (from Blackberry Messenger to What’s App) is reducing overall volumes of SMS and calling.

Furthermore VOIP applications, both corporate and personal, are also meaning that data usage is going up at the expense of mobile network calls.

Can we see the time where users just buy data? Absolutely – in fact for many users, if their Mobile Network offered data-only packages, they’d snap them up.

It’s only a matter of time before networks break rank and start offering these types of plan…

And, in an effort to expand on this growth, some of the mobile networks are now offering SIP phones and all-in plans.

Whatever the case, if you’re a business looking to get the most out of your data, then talk to Telvida. We are great at making connections!

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