What Enterprise Telephony Could Mean for You

Enterprise telephony using unified communications covers these components:

• Communications: voice, data and video
• Messaging: voice, email, video and instant messaging
• Conferencing: Online, audio and video
• Presence: desktop, laptop, mobile phone and IP phone
• Application integration: microsoft office, CRM systems, DMS systems

And all within a manageable infrastructure – giving a common user interface and experience. Meaning that wherever your users are, in a building, in other offices, anywhere in the world, they can all be using the same interface and technologies.

Tailored to Suit You

Better still, you can build the right enterprise telephony systems around you. The range of hardware and devices available means that any or all of the above list can be acquired, tailored and installed to meet your specific purposes.

Use the ‘BEST HORSE’

If you talk to a hardware company, then their interest is in selling you their hardware, even if it is not best suited to the job in hand.

If you talk to a consultant then their interest is in securing the best commercial deal, which may not be in your best interests.

The advantage of working with Telvida is also that you get a partner who can listen to your requirements and offer the best possible solution for you. We can do any and all of these things:

• We can supply hardware, but equally if you want to source it yourselves, then do so
• We can complete the entire installation, but can just come in as the specialists to complete the more complex tasks
• We can provide support, but can also offer this on an ad-hoc basis if preferred

Just get in touch, and tell us more about your needs and see if we can deliver for you!

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