The Benefits of IP Telephony for Business

The growth in IP telephony has been remarkable. Formed around the substantial improvements in broadband speed and associated technologies, it has revolutionised the humble telephone and brought increased flexibility at vastly reduced costs for all businesses who choose to install it.

IP Reduces Fixed Costs

Wonder why your monthly bill is so large? The chances are your leasing various pieces of equipment you no longer need: from PBX (exchanges) to a number of lines, each with individual fees. When you convert to using IP telephony, then your costs will be slashed. If you buy your hardware, which is often the cheapest route, then your monthly bills will be barely changed were you to have 10 or 100 users.

The fixed cost saving should be at least 50% of your current spend. However, for a better estimate, contact us and we’d be more than happy to work out what it should change to.

IP Reduces Call and Variable Costs

On top of your fixed costs, your call charges will be reduced as call routing is so much more efficient using IP. Particularly where one IP phone is calling another – often this will be completely free of charge. By taking advantage of reduced national and international charges your monthly call costs will also be reduced significantly.

IP Reduces Management

The final saving can be the greatest. The internal or outsource cost of managing, supporting and maintaining PSTN (copper / old fasioned) can be hidden either in staff or support costs and not be attributed to your phone charges.

By using one set of technology, one line and flexible hardware, managing your phones becomes much easier to handle – both for your staff as well as suppliers.

So, there’s no real reason to stick with the ‘traditional’ way of doing things, use your broadband to improve your bottom line and revolutionise your business.

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